Tuesday, November 30, 2010


E-mail from contributor:

Just noticed in paper today - two KAC District 2 members
are reading from their books at the Lawrence Public Library, 707 Vermont
Street, at 7 pm TONIGHT! Sorry for short notice. Cheryl Unruh will read
from her book of essays, Flyover People, and Kevin Rabas from his new
collection of poetry, Lisa's Flying Electric Piano. They are both from Emporia. Come out and greet these new members tonight.


Max Yoho will have several outstanding authors for company on Wednesday afternoon for the Holiday Open House at the Washburn University book store.

Eric McHenry , a Kansas poet, won't have far to go -- he teaches at Washburn. George Paris will be signing A Distant Home.

Bonar Menninger's website for And Hell Followed With It has some awesome tornado scenes (but I couldn't find one with Dorothy).

Stephen T. Johnson will be there as well, and I'm still looking for a good weblink for him.

And, oh, yes, the Washburn Bookstore is located in the Lower Level of the Memorial Union Building.


Kansas Sense is a new book by Larry Steinmetz, who finally demonstrated his Kansas common sense by soming home to roost in Kansas. I just found this book at the coffee shop. The book was standing upright on a small table, and before I even read the title, I was attracted by the distinctive book cover, designed from a photograph of amber Kansas wheat.

Larry's bio is at Kansas Sense

Monday, November 29, 2010


The I Love a Mystery book store will be getting into the holiday spirit for the Mission Tree Lighting events on Friday, December 3, and will be open until 8 pm. There will be Santa and Mrs. Claus, the tree lighting, festive foods for sale, and fire pits all up and down Johnson Drive. The store will be open until 8 pm.

On Saturday, December 4, there will be a whole crowd of authors from 2-4 pm to autograph their books -- I'll try to get the names for a future post.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


I'd be amiss if I didn't toot (my son's) own horn. The launch for Rick Nichols' new book, 50 Sermons, 50 States: Presentations from the Pulpit for the People of America was at The Bookbarn in Leavenworth last month.

Rick writes about his book, and others on his website Middle Border Publishing . You can order the book through The BookBarn (link above) or from the address at the bottom of the website for $11.90, plus $2.50 shipping.


The house that fell on the Wicked Witch of the East in Frank L. Baum's enduring story of Kansas tornadoes was the childhood home of Walter P. Chrysler!

If you don't believe me, go see for yourself, right there in Wamego, at the southeast corner of the intersection of Highways 99 and 24. You can see her legs -- black and white striped stockings, red shoes and all -- sticking out from the foundation on the west side of the house.

Red shoes? She must have had a spare pair, because wasn't it the red shoes the Wicked Witch of the West wanted from Dorothy? I'm confused, guess I better read the book again.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


The new issue of Kansas City Voices will be launched one week from today, specifically on Saturday, December 4, from 2-4 pm at the Johnson County Central Resource Library, 9875 West 87th in Overland Park.

I'm pretty sure this issue has pieces from two Kansas writers, probably more. (One is me, with a bit of humor, the first time my work has been accepted.)

The submission period for prose, poetry, or art for the 2011 issue will remain open until February 28, 2011. Click on Kansaas City Voices above, and once there, click on "Submissions" for the submission guidelines.

Friday, November 26, 2010


To celebrate the Holiday Open House at the Washburn University Bookstore on Wednesday, December 1, Max Yoho (Dancing Goat Press) will be sigining copies of With the Wisdom of Owls from 1-2:30 pm.

Sorry I can't tell you where the bookstore is located on the campus -- I've looked at the campus map and still don't know. Just stop a student and ask.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Make your way to the Kansas Museum of History on the afternoon of Saturday, December 4, between 2-3 pm. You'll find Kansas artists and food, and Robert Collins, who will be signing his three railroad history books, Ghost Railroads of Kansas, Kansas Train Tales and The Race to Indian Territory in the Museum Store. (The store is part of the lobby, and there is no admission charge.)

You can also catch Robert Collins at his blog.

To get to the museum, take exit 356 (Wanamaker Road) from I-70 in western Topeka. Turn north, enter the roundabout, and follow the signs directing you west. Don't give up and think you're getting lost out in the country -- the museum is surrounded by 80 acres of prairie and woodlands.


When you hear the name of your state on a national television news program, your ears just naturally perk up and you listen more intently.

Tonight it was Molly O'Neill who wrote One Big Table and is setting out to find what America eats. Molly said she gets all her turkeys from Frank R. Reese, Jr., who raises Heritage Poultry in Tampa, in northwestern Marion County. His link is right there on Molly's website.

Next time Molly comes to Kansas to pick up poultry she should talk to Carolyn Hall, the author of Prairie Meals and Memories. You can order here: Goldminds Publishing .

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Face-covering with a veil has become an issue in more than one country around the globe. Jean Grant has given us something to think about in her As I See It piece in The Kansas City Star on November 22. To read it, try this link French Law -- Leggy is legal, but , or if this doesn't work, try the KC Star archives at Kansas City Star .

Now a resident of Lawrence, Jean Grant lived and worked for many years in Saudi Arabia, which provided her with the background for The Burning Veil, a story of love and colliding cultures. A conversation with Jean Grant is at Mishmish Press .

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


On Sunday, November 28, Max Yoho will be off to Wilson, Exit 206, off Interstate I-70. That's the town of Wilson, in the far northwest corner of Ellsworth County, not to be confused with the county of Wilson, in southeastern Kansas.

Max will be at the Kansas Originals Market from 11 am to 3 pm. If you miss Max, you can always find him at Dancing Goat Press .

Monday, November 22, 2010


Hi, Peg

I returned from Steamcon (in Seattle) and had a splendid time. The event drew more than 2,000, making it the largest Steampunk gathering to date. I spoke on several panels and my presentation on Absinthe drew a crowd of over 175. Great fun.
More info soon.


Vicki Julian (Christmas: A Season for Angels, Always a Season for Angels) was the willing organizer who rounded up the authors who participated in the event:

Seven authors from District 2 of the KAC sold their books at the annual Holiday Bazaar sponsored by Lawrence Parks and Recreation.  While some authors sold more than others, it was a very enjoyable time getting to know each other better and seeing acquaintances who dropped by the booth.  As with last year, we discovered other writers in the community and handed out five applications for membership in the KAC.  Our commitment to support one another was no more evident than at this festive occasion.  We're on for next year, too!
Next year? We can't wait that long. Hope to hear from these authors much sooner.


We all know what’s it like to go to a book-signing and meet the author in person, but have you ever wondered what authors might be thinking about the event, in this case the Holiday Bazaar on Sunday in Lawrence?

From Pat Walkenhorst (Irish Settlers of Kansas: Memories of the Pioneer Life ):

It’s always great fun to be a part of the Kansas Authors Club book signing events, and to discuss our books with the people. It’s a wonderful way to get feedback and new ideas about what readers want to read, in what form and at what price.
And Tom Mach (Sissy, All Parts Together, Stories to Enjoy, Uni Verse):
I met some very interesting people, including someone who goes to my church, another whom I knew who used to work at Dillons, and still others who had read Sissy, or just liked to talk.
You missed them? They’ll be back. Just keep checking for future signings and talks.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Don't know if this post duplicates the beautiful blue of the cover. Just catches your attention. Read about the book in the following post.


God’s Little Miracle Book by Sally Jadlow is a collection of 26 true
accounts of miracles the author has seen over the past 38 years. This
book will encourage and bless those who seek to increase their faith.

Available in hard copy from AWOCbooks.com, your local bookstore, and amazon.com Also available on Amason Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook e-readers.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


With a photograph of a "Hoarfrost Tree" in Jackson County on the cover, the winter 2010 issue of Kansas! magazine is out.

It's a fascinating issue of looking backward, looking forward, looking back at sixty-five years of publishing history, and looking forward to how the many state lakes provide scenic destinations even in the wintertime (and numerous other fascinating places to visit).

As they have for the past sixty-five years, Kansas! magazine encourages contributions from freelance writers and photographers. (I was pleased to find a piece by a Kansas writer I'd lost track of in recent years.)

For $18.00 you can subscribe to Kansas! magazine, published quarterly, by calling 1-800-678-6424. If you are already a subscriber, you've already received the 2011 Kansas Calendar.

Friday, November 19, 2010


I'm pretty sure I know what Michelle Black packed in her trunk when she left fot Steamcon II in Seattle -- it's glamorous and green and very stylish (in its' day). Take a look at The Victorian West .

For those of you who are not going to Seattle (like me) you might like to know that Goodreads.com is giving away five copies of the newly-released trade paperback version of An Uncommon Enemy. To enter the drawing, go to An Uncommon Enemy.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


You could find many of the gifts you need to fill your Christmas shopping list at the Holiday Bazaar at the Community Building at 115 West 11th Street in downtown Lawence on from 10 am to 5 pm on Sunday, November 21. There will be books from seven Kansas authors and other crafts galore.

You'll meet Tom Mach (Sissy, All Parts Together, Stories to Enjoy and Uni Verse), Donna Dennis, Carolyn Hall (Prairie Meals and Memories), Jean Grant, Pat Walkenhorst (Irish Settlers of Kansas: Memories of the Pioneer Life), Annola Charity and Vicki Julian (Christmas: A Season for Angels and the sequel Always a Season for Angels).

KAC mugs and totes will also be for sale.


At the KU vs. K-State Battle of the Fans book event it’s the fans -- not the players -- who will take the field against each other, from 11 am to 1 pm on Saturday, November 20 at The Book Barn at 410 Delaware in Leavenworth.

It’s the chance to meet authors who describe, sometimes in disbelief, the lengths fans will go to express their support for their favorite schools and sports teams. There are three authors involved, Kent Pulliam, Matt Fulks and Rich Wolfe, and I’m not sure which will be there, but I do know the books are For Wildcats Fans Only and For Jayhawks Fans Only. Which book will be the winner at the end of the day? We’ll see if we can get the results from Bob or Barb Spear.

Later -- NEWS FLASH: The publisher dropped the ball (no pun intended) on this, so there will be no author appearances. The books will still be available on a first come, first serve basis, fortunately, no time limit.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


The KANSAS! 2011 calendar is now available for purchase, for a gift or for yourself, and is something that will remind the recipient of how marvelous Kansas is in all seasons of the year.

Each of the twelve photographs are accompanied by a brief description that includes an internet address for even more information. My favorite is August, the Gypsum Hills of Barber County, in part because it’s an area of the state I’m not familiar with.

Both the calendar and its’ companion publication, KANSAS! magazine, are markets for freelance writers and photographers -- check out KANSAS ! and click on the link “Submit to KANSAS!”

You can order the calendar for $9.95, plus $3 shipping, by calling 785-296-3479.


Mark Bouton will be giving a power-point presentation on How to Spot Lies Like the FBI to fellow writers at the Kansas Author’s Club District #1 meeting at 1 pm on Saturday, November 20, at McFarland’s restaurant in Topeka.

More information about the statewide writers' group at Kansas Authors' Club.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


'Twas five weeks before Christmas, when all through downtown
The merchants were stirring to mark prices down.

To hear the rest of the poem and meet the author you need only go to Lloyd Zimmer Books and Maps at 117 SW 6th Street in downtown Topeka on Thursday, November 18. It's the annual Holiday Shop Crawl from 5:30 to 9 pm. You can also purchase signed copies of Max Yoho's With the Wisdom of Owls.

(Private note to you-know-who-you-are: You're a better poet than you're willing to admit -- I've read the whole poem.)

Monday, November 15, 2010


Well, not very far. Bill will be at Hastings Books at 1900 West 23rd Street, Southwest Plaza, in Lawrence from 2-4 pm on Saturday, November 20. He’ll be signing copies of Majesty , an adventure set in Russia at the time of the Bolshevik revolution

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Grant Willliams will be discussing his new book Marbles at a book signing at the Arkansas City, Kansas public Library on Thursday, November 18th at 6:30 pm. Marbles is an eclectic collection of essays and anecdotes which Grant has assembled over several years.

Dr. Steve Swaim, DVM, will also be discussing and signing his book. The cover has a charming photograph of two dogs, one apparently saying to the other "I wanna see a Veterinarian.". Refreshments will be served


The experts on "Amphibians, Reptiles and Turtles in Kansas" and the authors of a book by the same title, Joseph T Collins and Suzanne L. Collins, will sign copies of their book at 7 pm Thursday, November 18, at The Raven at 6 East 7th in Lawrence.

The Collins' life-long study of native amphibians, turtles and reptiles has been demonstrated in extensive writings and photography, both academic and popular.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Burl Ives has been gone for a few years now, but if you didn’t know that, and happened to be in Leavenworth on Friday, November 19, you’d swear you were seeing and hearing the “real” Burl Ives.

Bob “Up the creek without a paddle-oh” Spear will be strumming his guitar from 7-8 pm at The Book Barn, 410 Delaware, during the main street holiday celebration. There will be food, and lots of music, and maybe even some spontaneous sing-alongs.

Friday, November 12, 2010


Deborah "Debbie" Marshall, Missouri Writers Guild 2011 conference chair says...
We're excited to bring Nancy (Pickard) to the Missouri Writers' Guild Conference in April 8-10, along with agent Krista Goering from Lawrence. We'd love to meet more of our Kansas writing neighbors! Questions? Just email me!

Marshall_Deborah at sbcglobal.net

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Stan Hamilton, who “wrote the book” on the life of George Kelly -- literally -- in Machine Gun Kelly’s Last Stand, has been asked to share his unique perspective of the history of Kathryn Kelly, George’s wife and probable inspiration for his criminal exploits, by penning an endorsement for another book, Wanted Women: An American Obsession in the Reign of J. Edgar Hoover, by Mary Elizabeth Strunk.

Stan writes as follows:
“Who, really, were these infamous women of American crime lore, and did they deserve the venomous vituperation the shamelessly self-promoting Hoover repeatedly heaped on them? Strunk offers intriguing new insights as she arrives at answers to both questions.”

Both books can be ordered from University Press of Kansas

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


It will be a triple treat, the appearance of three Kansas poets together, all with newly-published chapbooks, at 7PM Friday, November 19, at The Writers' Place in Kansas City, MO.

The award-winning poets -- no doubt with more awards to come -- are Polly Swafford, Judith Bader Jones and Maril Crabtree. The suggested donation is $5 for guests, $3 for members.

Polly Swafford's book is Early Freeze, Ruth Bader Jones's book is Moonflowers on the Fence, and both are available from Finishing Line Press . Maril Crabtree's book, Moving On, can be ordered from Pudding House Press or directly from Maril .


What is this advertisement appearing at the top of my computer screen? Can you ever imagine that you would read the words "self-publishing" in the same sentence with Kirkus?

That's what it says: Self-Publishing Market? Get your book reviewed by Kirkus and get it discovered.

Wasn't Kirkus one of the "big" six reviewers, who would never look at your book unless you were already a well-established author and your book was published by one of the big, old-time, established publishers?

Is the world turning?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Whatever your favorite genre, you'll be able to satisfy it on Saturday, November 13, at the multiple book-signings 11am to 1pm at Town Crier bookstore in Emporia.

As noted below, Mark Bouton, with How to Spot Lies Like the FBI, you'll also find Max McCoy with Damnation Road, the latest featuring Rough Rider Jacob Gamble, M.E. Williams with copies of his books which include The Legend of Blue Feather series, and even something for the kids, Raccoons in the Corn, by Jerrilyn Henrikson.

No cookbooks?

Monday, November 8, 2010


A quick note from Bill Wilson:

The Borders event on Saturday was great. For those that missed it, I'll be signing copies of Majesty at Barnes & Noble at the Oak Park Mall in Overland Park this Saturday, Nov 13th at 1:00 p.m. Come by and say hi while you get a start on your Christmas shopping.


Probably no one. Mark Bouton spent an entire career discovering clues to lying. He'll be signing his book, How to Spot Lies like the FBI from 11 am to 1 pm on Saturday, November 13, at the Town Crier Book Store in Emporia.

If you're a reader, Mark's insights can help you in your daily life. If you're a writer, well, you know, you can use this information to help you describe more believable characters.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Joe Fox, retired Special Operations officer, shares concepts for surviving trying times in Survivalist Family, a guidebook with precautions and preparations families should take to safeguard themselves when confronted with natural or man-made catastrophes.

Joe will share his expertise with readers and listeners at a book-signing 11 am to 1 pm on Saturday, November 13, at the Book Barn at 410 Delaware in Leavenworth


Nancy Pickard will be among the authors and agents participating in the Missouri Writers' Guild conference to be held April 8-10 in St. Louis, MO.

Conference details at Missouri Writers Guild


Walter and Olive Ann Beech, Kansas aviation pioneers, are chronicled in The Barmstormer and the Lady, by Dennis Farney, just released by Rockhill Books, an imprint of Kansas City Star  Books and available at The Kansas City Store.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


The Seaside Knitters have spun up another mystery in A Holiday Yarn, and author Sally Goldenbaum will sign copies at 7 pm on Thursday, November 11 at I Love a Mystery at 6114 Johnson Drive in Mission.

(Knitters Alert: Follow the links on Sally's website for knitting inspiration -- I have more than enough left-over yarn to make several Dead Fish Hats!)


Bill Wilson will be signing his new book, Majesty, at 1 pm this afternoon, Saturday, November 6, at the Borders store at 9108 Metcalf in Overland Park.

Majesty is set in Tsarist Russia, teetering on the brink of revolution. The Bolsheviks simmer and seethe as the Russian Army concentrates on the invaders rather than the revolutionists within. The wealthy Milanov children, Catrina and Joseph, are at the center of the storm, and the changing winds of time and politics will soon push them apart.

More details at Tate Publishing .

Friday, November 5, 2010


Did you miss Michelle Black's workshop at the 2010 Kansas Authors Club convention?

Not to worry -- You can catch Michelle on November 19-21 at STEAMCON in Seattle, if you happen to be in the vicinity.

Too far to travel -- not to worry again. Michelle will be back in Kansas, but in the meantime you might want to go to The Victorian West (I really wonder what Michelle is packing in her trunk) or Michelle's Blog .

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Steven Trout, chair of the English department at Fort Hays State University, will be signing copies of Battlefield of Memory: The First World War and the American Remembrance, 1919-1941 at the World War I, Liberty Memorial in Kansas City, Missouri, at 1 pm on Saturday, November 6.

The book was published by the University of Alabama Press.


Just like marbles, all different sizes and colors, the 273 stories in Grant Williams' new book -- with the title of Marbles -- have a great variety. Some will make the reader (or listener) smile, laugh, or even cry. Grant hopes some will make the reader (or listener) think.

Grant is a regular visitor to nursing homes and schools. Marbles was published by Rik Tanos of Coffeyville. It is available from Amazon, or by contacting Grant through his e-mail at gwille1943 at hotmail.com

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Hooray! I’ve just discovered another book store. An unusual book store.

The Collector Book Store at 724 Delaware in Leavenworth specializes in price guides and references books for hobbyists and collectors. John and Kim Kincaid also have a large selection of military history books. They're friendly folks to chat with.

Visit them online at Collector Book Store

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


A power-point presentation will be part of Mark Bouton's talk at the Bartlesville, OK, Public Library at 3 pm on Sunday, November 7. In addition, Mark will have copies of his book, How to Spot Lies Like the FBI, available for signing.

(Mark, please tell the good folks in Bartlesville that the 2011 KAC convention will be October 7-9 in Coffeyville, which is a mere forty miles away.)


Max Yoho will be at Hastings at Fairlawn Plaza in Topeka from 2-4 pm on Sunday, November 7. Check out Max's newest, With the Wisdom of Owls, and other books at Dancing Goat Press.

Don't know how to get there? For a map and other directions, GO HERE


That's right, a FREE writing conference on Saturday, November 6, hosted by the Kansas City Press Club at the Central Resource Library in Overland Park.

From 10 am to 4:30 pm you'll have a chance to hear from award-winning journalists and writers as they share the secrets of their trade with you. To name a few names, Mike McGraw, Mark Morris, Todd Feeback, Greg Kincaid, and Larry and Suella Walsh.

More details at Kansas City Press Club. The Central Resource Library is at 87th Street and Farley.

Bring a sack lunch for a short mid-day break (or there is a McDonalds across the parking lot).

Monday, November 1, 2010

"Stories to Enjoy" OR GIVE AS GIFTS

Some of us are thinking about Christmas gift lists, and Tom Mach will be very happy to “personalize” Stories to Enjoy when he travels over to The Book Barn at 410 Delaware in Leavenworth from 11 am to 1 pm on Saturday, November 6.

(PS. It’s early November and you’ll have plenty of time to read and enjoy the stories yourself -- just don’t leave any coffee stains before you gift-wrap the book.)


Well, maybe I would lie to you, but not to Mark Bouton, whose newest book, How to Spot Lies Like the FBI, gives lots of information about detecting deceit by reading faces, body language, and verbal indicators.
It also gives information about the history, psychology, and cultural consequences of lying in our society. Mark describes situations where spotting lies helped him solve cases, and even saved his life.

Mark will be signing at Barnes and Noble in Topeka on Saturday, November 6, from 2-5 pm.

Don't know where that is? It's 6130 SW 17th Street, or GO HERE for more help --  and that's no lie!


Several hundred children and their parents descended on the Kansas City Plaza Library Friday night, October 29th, for a special event to celebrate Halloween. Authors from the Midwest Children's Authors Guild had stations set up around the children's section with games and crafts. The library held a drawing to give away a dozen copies of the book, October Nightmares and Dreams, and the winners eagerly collected autographs from the authors in attendence. KAC District 2 member, Marsha Lytle, entertained the kids with a gameboard, What's in your closet? to go along with her story, The Closet Monster. Children peeked behind the doors to locate the monsters hidden behind two of them.