Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Wichita, a first novel by poet Thad Ziolkowski, is described in a New York Times review:

The novel begins with Lewis’s return to his mother’s home in Wichita, Kan., from New York, where he has just graduated from Columbia. His pompous professor father, Virgil, expects him to attend graduate school, though Lewis is unsure of his next step. His girlfriend has left him, and his divorced, eccentric mother, Abby — who invests in one “multilevel marketing” scheme after another — has “half-¬facetiously” suggested he return to “the healing powers of the Great Plains,” where she has begun a storm-chasing business.

Oprah’s blog adds a further description: “Her (Abby) business, Grateful Gaia Storm Tours, brings tourists into the eyes of tornadoes . . . “

Are we rube Kansans overlooking some economic opportunities by hiding in our storm shelters while tornadoes rage outside?

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