Monday, July 9, 2012


Serenia’s story, first told in Serenia’s Kanzas, unfolds with the publication of Anne, by author Kathleen Boston McCune. (Remember, during the tumultuous time of the Civil War, Serenia’s family left Missouri to move to the new territory of Kansas?)

ANNE is the first child to live after Serenia loses three (including a set of twins) after homesteading on Thompson Creek, Ellsworth, Kansas. Anne is predictably spoiled until the next child is born….three years later, but is quick witted, red haired (like her Pa, Perry Campbell) and follows her Pa around their land, learning how to distill whiskey, read maps, tend cattle and sow crops before her Ma takes her in hand when her older sister Huldah marries a Doctor and leaves the family’s chores totally on Serenia. This story includes Anne’s discovery of emotion for a handsome cowboy named Lon Boston who works the largest horse ranch in the area. Her Uncle tries to woo him to their cattle/horse ranch and Anne sets her sites on Lon for her future as well. This story begins in 1872 and ends during the depression of the 1890s. It is available in hardback and Kindle with the hardback version in nearly every store and online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and most bookstores with online availability. The book’s cover is an actual photograph of Anne when she graduated college.

Anne has been recently published.


  1. I want to thank Peg Nichols for promoting Kansas Authors and the State about which we write.....well done you!!

  2. Thanks, Kathleen -- send me an e-mail when you have a book-signing or other book/literary event.