Friday, July 27, 2012


This morning I got a short Yahoo e-mail from Robert Collins that he was off to a Science Fiction Convention. Gave me a couple of links.

This afternoon when I'm planning to add a post to the blog, I try to go back to the e-mail. No way. Yahoo is non-functioning. No problem, I think I remember the first link, it’s OsFest (I’m pretty sure).

So I do a search, and find, good gracious, I find OsFest, the Biggest and Best Music Festival in Shropshire. Collins in multi-talented, writes books about railroads, books about Kansas history, books with sci-fi themes, like Expert Assistance and Lisa’s Way. But music? And did Collins go to England to be there during the Olympics?

Wait a minute, the very last thing on the bottom of the search page is OsFest Omaha. Could it be that Collins has gone to Omaha, to the Ramada, for OsFest 5, July 27-29?

Like looking for Waldo, if anyone spots Collins, let me know. (Collins’ blog, One Kansas Author, is on the Writers about Writing blogroll in the right-hand sidebar.)

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