Sunday, July 8, 2012


I’ll make this easy – Martin Handford is the British illustrator who created Waldo, that wandering nomad in red-and-white shirt, bobble cap, glasses and goofy grin who can easily get himself lost in any crowd.

To celebrate Waldo’s 25th birthday, the Book Barn in Leavenworth is heading up a month-long scavenger hunt for Waldo.

Shoppers can find Waldo having an adventure in 27 Leavenworth businesses and collect cards for fun or prizes. On July 14 Waldo can be found at Loft Tour & Sales. The search for Waldo continues all throughout the month. Get the inside scoop at The Book Barn, 410 Delaware. Click on events/upcoming events.

What illustrator (or writer) wouldn't be delirious to invent a character that was still hanging around 25 years later?

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