Monday, August 13, 2012


Eunice Boeve of Phillipsburg has followed up her success with Ride a Shadowed Trail with the publication of the sequel, Crossed Trails. Boeve writes:

Crossed Trails was released from the publisher in July and is now on the market. The print book can be ordered from me, from who also has it on Kindle, and the publisher, Whiskey Creek Press, who also offers a PDF and two other electronic versions at Eventually Barnes and Noble and Fictionwise will also have it in stock. If you wish to order from me, simply e-mail me at and I’ll send the book(s) with a bill enclosed.

Crossed Trails is a sequel to Ride a Shadowed Trail and carries the main character, Joshua Ryder, into the next phase of his life. The book is a stand- alone book, but if you haven’t read Ride a Shadowed Trail, you may want to read it first.

A Synopsis: Joshua Ryder ashamed of his lineage and escaping past memories believes he will never go back to Texas. Having arrived in Montana in the fall with a trail herd, he’s wintered over and in this summer of 1877, he heads for the west coast where he plans to live out his life in isolation with just his books and his horses for company. But fate intervenes in the form of a woman of the Nez Perce people and her baby and he ends up in Virginia City, Montana. There his sense of responsibility gets him involved, not just with the woman and her baby, but also an old washerwoman, and a small girl of Chinese and white ancestry and all have an influence on him. But the real changes in his life come when he meets a young woman with red curls, the local newspaper editor, and a murderer.

Ride A Shadowed Trail won the Kansas Authors Club 2009 J. Donald Coffin Award

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