Thursday, August 30, 2012


“Grandpa Andrews says to know how another person feels, you have to walk a mile in his moccasins,” Jack said. “And the time machine will let people do that,” Mollie said.

Travel back in time with fourth grade twins, Jack and Mollie, in this illustrated chapter book and meet those who are now part of Kansas history. Go with the twins as they travel through time and find themselves “walking in the moccasins of others.” Among their experiences: living as Kanza Indians in 1620, riding an orphan train where new parents await the children, hiding with other scared runaway slaves in a dark cellar and meeting Abraham Lincoln, witnessing discrimination as first grade classmates of Langston Hughes in a non-integrated school, arriving at Fort Riley where they meet Comanche, the famous horse of the Battle of the Little Big Horn, again becoming Indian children in the harsh early days of the Haskell University, and attending a dance where they hear the first ever rendition of the state song, “Home on the Range.”

Echoes of Kansas Past: More than Just History in the Making, written by Eunice Boeve and published by Rowe Publishing, sounds like more than just a good way to introduce kids to Kansas history, it sounds like a read-along-with-the-parents book.

Check it out at Rowe Publishing, or at . Contact the author at roneun at ruraltel dot net.

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  1. This sounds like SUCH A fabulous book. As an adult, I can't wait to read it but for children, I would think it is an absolutely wonderful way to introduce them to Kansas History. A great idea from a great author!