Tuesday, August 7, 2012


The second book in the series of Father Damien stories, Restitution, has been released by Terry W. Drake. Father Damien's adventures began with Drake's Sanctuary.

A compelling novel set before the final days of World War II which tackles crimes and atrocities committed by German military officers and the pursuit of looted treasures in an Italian community, Restitution follows the life of Father Damien in Bergamo, Italy towards the end of World War II. He inherits the responsibilities of the underground leadership through the death of his best friend Mathew Gillespie. He attempts to reconcile his faith with the obligations of war in his struggle to protect his community. Members of his alliance are called on to destroy the supply headquarters at the Bergamo airfields controlled by the German army.

A native of Pittsburg, former General Manager for the Board of Public Utility in Kansas City, Drake now lives in Kansas City (KS).


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