Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Glass and Steel explores how people make mistakes in life, but often get a second chance to redeem themselves and how they make use of this opportunity. Beautifully written, with appealing and sympathetic characters, Glass and Steel offers readers important and profound insights into the human condition by forcefully examining three young friends and their struggles not only against the destructive forces of society and their own internal flaws, but against the whims of fate. Among these fascinating characters are a man struggling to lead a normal and rewarding life despite the specter of a hideous crime he has committed, an innovative but frustrated teacher who is battling her own demons, and a timid, troubled woman thrust into a sordid world which sorely tests her resolve to live a virtuous and productive life.

Under the pen name of A.C. Kent, Topeka resident William Short's Glass and Steel is available on Amazon Kindle.

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