Monday, August 27, 2012


As the United States nears the sesquicentennial, books about the Civil War, engage the interest of the reader.

Opening as Sherman’s soldiers win the Battle of Atlanta, Of Love and War: 1864 follows Billy Leidig, a young Georgia Militia deserter, as he searches for Lenora Moffat, the escaped slave girl he loves. The graycoat private blunders into a firefight and gets captured by her. Now disguised as a man and enlisted as bluecoat sergeant in the U. S. Colored Infantry, Lenora leads a wildcat black squad on one flank of Sherman’s march from Atlanta to the sea.

Author Charles Hammer adds: "This novel opens in Georgia as Sherman's March is developing, but it actually ends in Kansas, in Lawrence, with some historically accurate names of Lawrence schools and businesses and newspapers being mentioned and the male protagonist getting arrested for cohabiting with a black girl, the one pictured on the book cover, to whom he was actually married."

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