Monday, August 20, 2012


Just gotta share this with you, loyal readers (most of whom I suspect are writers).

Next to getting published, winning awards is what keeps us writers going, right?

I encourage you to read Nancy Julien Kopp"s blog, Writer Granny's World, in the side-bar on the right -- Writers about Writing -- about how exciting it is to win an award.

To win those awards, you've got to be persistent. Mary-Lane Kamberg advises writers to have ten pieces out in the marketplace at all times. If something comes back, rejected, rewrite and send it out again, or send another piece. For some of us, that's hard to do, but if/when you do get a rejection, you can think, "Ah well, that's only one out of ten" and you'll be energized to send something else out -- maybe the latest thing you've been working on.

I normally don't do short stories, but I did have one romantic little piece. Someone sent me a clue that a certain publisher was looking for romance stories. I had to lengthen my piece, and in the rewriting improved the story, and was elated beyond measure when the editor accepted the story.

My tale has an unhappy ending -- the book has yet to be published and for various reasons I have withdrawn my piece. But nothing will ever take away the joy and excitement I had felt when the editor liked my piece. Not only that, the editor said that if I was working on a full-length novel, they'd like to see that, too.

Read Nancy Julien Kopp's blog post -- titled something about a "good Friday". Read it very quickly and then get right back to work. At

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  1. You're so right, Peg. Winning an award or getting a story published really is a thrill. I once knew an obstetrician who told me that he felt a thrill with each and every baby he delivered, even after decades of bringing these babes into the world. I think writers have the same feeling with each and every success.