Sunday, August 12, 2012

KANSAS IN THE 1920-30s

Coming this fall, The View from Poplar Street, written by Ruth Elaine Soelter Lethem, of life in Wamego in the 1920-30s. Lethem was born in Wamego, and lived in a house on Poplar street until she was graduated from Kansas State University.

Penny Wika, a freelance journalist for The Wamego Times of August 9, 2012, writes about Lethem’s view of Wamego in those times:

“The Columbia Theatre offered three different movies each week, children and adults went sledding on the Sixth Street hill, doctors made house calls, and Fort Riley soldiers were invited for Sunday dinner.”

Although living her adult life elsewhere, Lethem never lost touch with Wamego. Writes Wika:

“Lethem’s book is limited to her early life in Wamego and is significant because it describes this community through the eyes of a young person. Moreover, readers don’t need to have ever lived in Wamego to enjoy the book. It’s a slice of Kansas life preserved for future generations.”

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