Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Dan Kendrick says: I would be overwhelmed with joy if my writings could drive just one point home; that humans are people and people are significant as individuals, as well as a whole. A single person can make or break, a single person can change the face of a business, a family, or organization overnight. People are what drives a business, also the buses, subway trains, and sanitation trucks.

Meet Kendrick, the author of Sex Sells, but I'm Ugly on Saturday, August 18, at Shawnee Books and Toys, 7311 Quivira in Shawnee. (WOW, look at that picture -- I think the photographer caught Kendrick in a rare serious mode.) For more about Kendrick, visit his website at

(Drat! Forgot to write down the time, but I'll get it and add to the post later.)

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