Thursday, August 23, 2012


From the Southern Literary Review:

"The concept of utopia—an ideal community composed of men and women living together in social and political harmony—has been a popular trope in literature since Plato first penned The Republic. Slant of Light, Steve Wiegenstein’s first novel, breathes new life into this genre, (re)imagining the possibility of utopia at a pivotal and precarious moment in American history. The novel is the first in Wiegenstein’s Daybreak series. It’s set in the Missouri Ozarks during the latter part of the 1850s, shortly before the outbreak of the Civil War."

Wiegenstein will be at Shawnee Books and Toy, 7311 Quivira in Shawnee, at noon on Saturday, August 25.

Wiegenstein's website at

Go to Shawnee Books and Toys for more details.

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