Saturday, September 1, 2012


Thanks, Prospero's, for the following:

Iris Appelquist's first full-length book of poems, BRIAR, will be released on Monday September 3, 2012 by Spartan Press.

Local artists David Ford, Peregrine Honig, Beniah Leuschke, Mark Thomas Hennessy and Jason Ryberg will perform selected poems from BRIAR.

("BRIAR amounts to a meditation on being continuously defiant in the face of bad luck, social norms, poverty and humanity's predilection toward self-destruction," says Appelquist. "Actually it's about 90-some-odd poems that are sardonic, clever, tender, gritty, well-done and dense.")

Advance Tickets: $15. Day of Event: $20. Ticket price includes 1 copy of BRIAR, a seat for the performance and as much beer &/or wine as you can (responsibly) cram down your gullet.

[Tickets available during hours of operation at Prospero's Bookstore (1800 W 39th street Kansas City, MO), OR you can visit Ms. Iris at YJ's Snack Bar (128 W 18th street KCMO) on Tues., Wed.,Thu., Sat., Sun. mornings).]

Again, Thanks, Prospero's,

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