Tuesday, September 18, 2012


"Dragging out oldjournals, photos, letters, etc. bas special meaning to all of us who have been fortrmate to keep some of these memoirs of our experiences as IFYE (International Farm Youth Exchange) participants," writes Doris (Imhof) Johnson, author of Philippine Experiences of a Kansas Farm Girl.

Johnson credits an aunt with encouraging and inspiring her to "take a fifty-year-old trip down memory lane," and write about her experiences.

Johnson writes that her book was written to share the culture, customs, and people of a truly unique and beautiful country, the Philippine Islands. She hopes that the book will inspire readers to think about becoming involved in a broader picture of the world and its people by traveling or reading about other countries, cultures, people and religions.

The book was hot off the press for the IFYE national conference in July, and can be ordered by calling Johnson at 620-364-9288, or sending an e-mail to d.johnson5@eaglecom.net.

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