Monday, October 8, 2012


Finally, a sports novel for girls!

Release Point, a fast pitch softball sports novel for girls, was recently released by Barringer Publishing of Naples, Florida. The author, Phil E. Quinn, helped coach the Wamego High School varsity softball team to a 23-0 regular season finish and a berth in the State Championship Tournament in 2012. “Male athletes in every sport are well represented in literature of all kinds – but female athletes are not, despite the number of girls participating in athletics at all levels continues to grow each year in this country and around the world,” Coach Quinn observes. Release Point is an attempt to highlight the dedication, skill and achievements of female athletes as they push the standard higher for excellence in competitive sports,” Quinn said. “It’s a story that will appeal to both genders, all ages, and especially to parents, coaches, fans and participants in all female youth athletics.” (Rossville Library website)

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