Tuesday, October 23, 2012


What Kansas poet Albert Goldbarth says about Eula Biss’s book, Notes From No Man’s Land:

“‘Gangs are real, but they are also conceptual,’ Eula Biss says, and the wide embrace of that observation speaks well for her essays, which are always ideologically alive even as they are grounded in fascinating details: children’s dolls, the history of telephone poles, the saga of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. But this book is no miscellany. All of Biss’s explorations finally address race in the United States, from someone whose life seems devoted to that great pondering...and so this is an essential (and quintessential) American book.”

Notes from No Man’s Land, the University of Kansas “Common Book” will be the topic of discussion at 12 noon on Wednesday, October 24, at the ECM Center, 1204 Oread Avenue, led by Sarah Crawford-Parker, assistant vice provost.


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