Monday, October 8, 2012


It took me a long time to arrive at the Kansas Authors Club convention last weekend, because I stopped at several bookstores along the way.

First stop was the Raven Book Store, 6 E. 7th in Lawrence, with an emphasis on mystery, but a few other select catgories as well, including a cozy children's area.

Zimmer's at 117 SW 6th in Topeka is, well, Zimmer's. On the day I was there books were piled everywhere, undoubtedly new acquisitions from some collector's library. I'm sure Lloyd knew where everything was, and if you're looking for anything along the lines of Kansas memorabilia, Zimmer's is the place to start. Lots of MAPS, too.

Claflin's, 1814 Claflin Road in Manhattan, just off the K-State campus, provides services to students as well as hosting off-site book events, a couple of which I'll be posting about in a later blog.

Ah, Rivendell's! At 212 N. Broadway in Abilene, a lot bigger than I thought from its web presence. You could stand outside and window shop at the attractive, eye-catching displays, but I suggest you step on inside. Rivendell's often hosts book signing and other events, which I hope to keep you posted about.

Last stop, Ad Astra's Coffee and Books in Salina on Santa Fe. I took the short cut off I-70 into down and did not get lost. You can have coffee and other goodies (including bierocks) while you browse and decide what you want to read. Ad Astra also does frequent readings.

I know my relatively short trip did not allow me to visit ALL the bookstores in Kansas. What is your favorite bookstore? Send me an e-mail at onefreenation at yahoo dot come and I'll share with other blog readers.

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