Thursday, October 25, 2012


James N.Leiker and Ramon Powers, winners of the Great Plains Distinguished Book Prize will present a lecture on November 14 at the Great Plains Art Museum in Lincoln, NE. The prize was created to emphasize the interdisciplinary importance of the Great Plains in today’s publishing and educational market.Leiker is associate professor of history at Johnson County Community College. Powers is former executive director of the Kansas State Historical Society.

The story of the Northern Cheyennes' flight from Indian Territory toward their Montana homeland in 1878-79 has been told, retold, and relived by generations of historians, reformers, reenactors, literary figures like Mari Sandoz, filmmakers like John Ford, not to mention white homesteaders and Northern Cheyennes themselves. In assessing these retellings, two authors explore the relationship of history--an empirical science that attempts an objective understanding of the past--with memory, the stories that people of the Great Plains have used for cultural self-definition, and through them, their connection to a mythic western past.

The prize is awarded by the Center for Great Plains Studies by the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. The Northern Cheyenne Exodus in History and Memory was published by the University of Oklahoma Press.

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