Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Three authors will be signing books from 10 am to noon on Saturday, November 3, at the Bookshelf at 206 N. Main in McPherson:

Bruce Behymer, author of Princess Pretty -- The heartwarming story of lost Princess Pretty and the many friends she meets along the way. Along with delightful illustrations of her adventures there are also lessons about boundaries, the importance of listening to your parents and the magic that happens when you open your heart to others.

Beverly Buller, author of The Story of Walter White -- William Allen White was a small-town newspaper editor who counted presidents and famous authors among his friends. He rose to world-wide fame before his death in 1944 but never left his hometown of Emporia.

Mary Rintol, author of Back in Ten Minutes -- This handbook of exercises, taking only ten minutes a day, can help anyone who suffers from back pain. It was originally compiled by a practising dentist who was a sufferer himself, and distributed amongst friends and colleagues, the object being to reduce work-induced tension and stress, to improve posture and reduce pain. No special equipment is needed, and many of the exercises can be done in the kitchen or at a desk.

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