Friday, October 26, 2012


Chris Tabor chronicled the event in his book, Skirmish at Battle Mound, and tomorrow the site will be memorialized with the dedication of farmland in Bates County, MO, as a state historic site.

Under the headline of UNHERALDED ROLE BY BLACK SOLDIERS IS SALUTED AT LAST, the Kansas City Star of Friday, October 26, reports that on October 27, 1862 (150 years ago) “these black men fought in the battle of Island Mound. They were the first former slaves and freed men to defeat Confederate forces in the Civil War.”

The soldiers were members of the First Kansas Colored Volunteers organized by Kansan Jim Lane.

Author Tabor has been researching the military unit since 1999. The Star quotes him as saying, “it affected his (President Abraham Lincoln) decision to officially muster black soldiers into the war. It affected his decision to sign the Emancipation Proclamantion.”

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