Friday, October 19, 2012


If you wake up Saturday morning and realize that you really should be going to the Third Annual Whispering Prairie Press Creativity conference, you can walk right in and register in person. On site. At the door.

At the beautiful, easy- to-find Edwards Campus of the University of Kansas, right here in Johnson County at 127th Street and Quivira. Previous blog posts have described four of the workshops, here are the last two:

“Creating a Travel Guidebook” -- Lisa Waterman Gray-- Learn what it took to write An Explorer's Guide: Kansas, from proposal to 400-page book, including working with tourism officials, trip planning, organization of notes and photographs, some of Lisa's favorite destinations and more. Lisa Waterman Gray has ridden a Segway for Midwest Living and AAA Southern Traveler and attended an orchestrated prairie burn for AAA Midwest Traveler. She has described the morning meal at bed and breakfasts across the state, for KANSAS!, Durango brewing companies for Arts and Entertainment, and much more. An Explorer's Guide: Kansas released nationwide last summer.

“Birthing a Book Together” -- Bernadette Stankard and Amy Viets --Writing in one voice when there are two of you is difficult. This workshop presents strategies to make that one voice happen. Helpful hints on how to navigate the highs and lows of working together and how to produce that seamless manuscript are addressed. Bernadette Stankard and Amy Viets are the co-authors of books on coping with depression. They have books written both alone and together and have found that working together is a rewarding experience. They regularly speak on the topics of depression and creativity and are at present working together on yet another book on depression and the start of a mystery series.

Read all about it, and register on line at Or just walk in tomorrow morning. You’ll be in great company.

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