Monday, December 3, 2012

A POST LIKE NO OTHER (Under Construction)

This post will deviate from my normal pattern of posting in ways that will soon become obvious. Please be patient – it may take me some time to get this all posted correctly.

A writing and blogging friend, Theresa Hupp, has nominated this blog for the “One Lovely Blog Award” – I am truly honored.

Nominees for this award are required to: (It remains to be seen if my limited html skills will permit me to comply.)

1. Thank the blogger who nominated them, which I most heartily do. (Check out Theresa Hupp’s blog here.)

2. Post the One Lovely Blog emblem on their blog. (Will try to do.)

3. List seven random facts about themselves. Here goes:

 One of the most incredible places I have ever been is the Paraguay Chaco.

 I love the way the British pronounce my first name -- “Mahgret” as in “Mahgret” Thatcher.

 The Sherman Anti¬-Trust Act became law in 1890 to curb the sugar, and other, monopolies. I’ll never understand why one of the first uses was against Eugene Victor Debs, founder of the American Railway Union during the Pullman Strike of 1894.

 I am desperate to meet Bill Murray, so I can pitch him a movie concept. The book is not finished, but the first chapter won third place in the KWA competition. Only Bill Murray, self-identified son of an Irish pig thief, can play the role.

 The year I was 57, I quit eating cole slaw.

 Something I’ll never forgive myself for is failing to stop the developer of the Olathe Industrial Park (former Olathe Naval Air Station) from obliterating, as street names, the memory of sixteen naval and marine heroes.

 Bob Chrisman is the only person who ever taught me how to be serious in looking for the funny side of life.

4. Nominate fifteen other bloggers for the award, and let them know of their nomination. And the nominees are:

Border Bard’s Blog – my own son, with more poetic talent than he is willing to admit – he was one of the 150 Kansas poems authors – a meticulous researcher for his articles for The Best Times and elsewhere, and about the most critical editors one could ever hope to find.

Book Trends Blog – Bob Spear offers an insider’s view of the publishing world, and along with Barb Spear operates A Book Barn in Leavenworth, one of the few remaining independent bookstores.

Emergency Room Productions – Everett Robert is both playwriter, producer and actor, in a genre with which I should become more familiar.

Inside My Head – I don’t know how Tracy Million Simmons does it all, finds time to write amidst a busy family life, and is a frequent contest winner.

Juliet Kincaid – A talented writer herself, Juliet’s blogs often include cogent reviews of new and significant books.

Flyover People – Cheryl Unruh’s columns in the Emporia Gazette tells us in innumerable ways why we are fortunate to be living here in flyover country.

Gordon A. Kessler – Supports his writing colleagues in two very important ways, with editorial and technological services, and with inspiration from his own writings of thrillers, suspense mysteries, and non-fiction practical writing advice.

One Kansas Author – Robert Collins is a prolific author – in several distinct genres, history, sci-fi and novels, and can often be found a signings and readings around the state.

Poet Laureate of Kansas – Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg’s incredible innovation resulted in the publication by Woodley Press of Begin Again, 150 Kansas Poems, in celebration of Kansas’ 150th Anniversary of Statehood.

Pursuit of Happiness – The blog of a Thomas Jefferson scholar, Norm Ledgin, to acquaint the world with Sally Hemmings, the mother of Jefferson’s biracial children.

Swqm60 – Bob Chrisman taught me a very important lesson – that there are two sides to every issue, and usually one of them is incredibly funny.

The World of Prose and Verse – Tom Mach is the publisher of Hill Song Press, and the author of numerous works, including poetry. The background of his newest novel, Angels at Sunset, is the women’s suffrage movement over several decades.

Whispering Prairie Press – The publishers of Kansas City Voices, a periodical of literature and art which annually draws submissions from writers and artists all over the world.

Writer Granny’s World – Nancy Julien Kopp is the most generous writer I know, willing to share her tips and encouragement with other writers.

Some of the blogs listed above are on the “Writers about Writing” blog roll of my blog,

And No. 15, Not a blog, but a website is Mediators Beyond Borders. The tab, “NEWS” is a little like a blog, with updates about peacemaking around the world.

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  1. Peg! So flattered to find my name here. I think I enjoy random facts above ordered facts or any other kind. Always fun to see what people pick to share about themselves. May Bill Murray find his name here through a Google search and be so intrigued he contacts you for your movie idea.