Saturday, December 29, 2012


A new book by David Piper, a native of Colby, is titled Church of the God Particle, the latter being the recently discovered Higgs boson subatomic particle.

Life as a landscape painter on an inherited ranch is easy for Alex Colvin until a peculiar meteorite shatters his complacency. Alex unknowingly possesses the final component of an outlandish physics experiment being conducted by Reverend Lucas Ruthlier, leader of the Church of the God Particle.

Reverend Ruthlier's lifelong dream depends on possessing the meteorite, and now he's coming for it.

Based on the race to discover a unifying theory of modern physics and cosmology, Church of the God Particle sweeps across the high plains of Kansas, uncovers treason in Cold War Romania, and tumbles into Austin, Texas.

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