Thursday, January 31, 2013


Jay Price's public history classes at WSU are always full - and our bookshelves overflow with Legacy of Flight, Wichita's Lebanese Heritage, Tornado Alley, and his other contributions to the lore and history of the Sunflower State.

Join us at 7 pm on Thursday evening, January 31 for an evening with this popular and entertaining author, as he presents his new book, Temples for a Modern God, from Oxford University Press. Thousands of new houses of worship sprang up during the building boom that swept Kansas and the nation after World War II. These structures, as often mocked as loved, transformed the landscape of small towns and cities alike and reshaped the way we worship today.

With his inimitable eye for quirky details and his love of a good story, Jay Price takes us inside this important yet overlooked chapter of American religious history. Jay will sign copies of his books after the program, with a wide selection of titles for sale. Refreshments will be served, as always. -- From Eighth Day Books, 2838 E Douglas in Wichita, more at

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