Wednesday, January 30, 2013

"Mik and Cookie Disease" ? ? ?

A Healthier Wei (pronounced Way), written by Julie L. Wei, MD, includes the cure for the “Milk and Cookie Disease”.

If you can’t remember when your child’s nose wasn’t running, or how long he’s been taking all these medications that don’t ever seem to work on his cold or allergy symptoms, then it’s time to explore A Healthier Wei™. Hundreds of patients have found a cure for “The Milk & Cookie Disease” that their doctors had missed for months, even years. Dr. Julie Wei blends her unique combination of Chinese wisdom and American medical expertise to help families reclaim the health of their misdiagnosed and overmedicated children. From

In reviewing the book, Linda Brodsky, M.D., writes: “Chapter2 tells us about “Milk and Cookie Disease”–a very apt name for eating habits that lead to sleeping disorders, croup, chronic “rhinosinusitis” and much more. The problem is caused by refluxing of gastric contents and the late night snacks back up into the airway in the middle of the night. In chapter 3, she takes head on the potential resistance to an “unscientific” way of sharing “medical” observation. From there, in chapters 4 and 5 she gets into what this problem looks like and how parents can decide if their child might have this disease.”

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