Friday, January 18, 2013


Two, up-and-coming new young adult authors talk about their incredible publishing successes, movie option deals, and unique plots and characters at Mysteryscape on Saturday, January 19, 3-5 pm.

Local author Lenore Appelhans' first book, Level 2, debuts JanUuary 15. This gripping, futuristic tale takes place in a stark afterlife where a recently deceased 18-year-old finds herself in the center of a battle for good and evil.

Denver author Emily Hainsworth's romantic sci-fi thriller, Through to You, twists and turns between parallel universes and lost loves. Not only has Emily sold the movie options, but a director and writer have been attached to the project.

On Saturday, January 19, these two friends will interview each other about their phenomenal publishing success, otherworldly settings, vivid characters and their books' film prospects.

A Q&A with the audience will follow along with a book signing. Pre-order their books in the store, over the phone or by email. -- Copied (blatantly) from Mysteryscape website at Mysteryscape is at 7309 W. 80th street in Overland Park.

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