Saturday, February 2, 2013


Butterfield Books Inc. recently updated the book, Stitch of Courage by Kansas author Linda K. Hubalek. This book chronicles the author’s ancestors, Maggie Kennedy Pieratt and Margaret Ralston Kennedy roles in making Kansas a free state 152 years ago last week.

“We think of the Civil War mainly happening in the South, but the feud over slavery flared up between Missouri and the Territory of Kansas with its opening in 1854. It was seven long years of turmoil before Kansas got its statehood on January 29, 1861. And who was taking care of the homestead and family, planting crops, and trying to ward off border ruffians when the men were out fighting or hiding along the creek banks? The women of the family…” said Linda K. Hubalek.

When putting together Stitch of Courage Hubalek found out that her ancestors fought with Beecher Bible rifles, helped with the Underground Railroad, and chased Quantrill after he and his men raided Lawrence.

Hubalek’s other works include Trail of Thread, the Butter in the Well, and the Planting Dreams series, all available from Butterfield Books.

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