Friday, April 12, 2013


Author Tammy Zimmerman will be at the Derby Public Library, 1600 Walnut Grove, Derby, at 4 pm to sign copies of Blinded By His Shadow, the story of her grandfather, Joseph T. Zimmerman.

From the website Blinded by His Shadow is a journey through the life of Joseph T. Zimmerman, a man whose memory painfully clung to those who had lost him and a man who remained a mystery to family who had never known him. Through this book, published on the fiftieth anniversary of his death, his granddaughter, Tammy Zimmerman, seeks to trace his footsteps and to discover the man behind the name.

His was just an ordinary life. His story sounded like that of thousands of men across America. All he desired was the opportunity to live, love, work and raise a family. But in his ordinary way, he became a great man. His lasting influence, though silent, powerfully shaped the lives of his family with a nearly blinding force. He became a man who stood for what was right, a man who never shirked his duty, a man whose overwhelming, yet hidden legacy will inspire all who read his story.

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