Sunday, April 7, 2013


From Eighth Day Books:

October 2013 marks the 25th anniversary of the founding of Eighth Day Books. In honor of the occasion, we are asking you, our extraordinary customers, to tell us what Eighth Day Books means to you. We hope you’ll share reminiscences, humorous moments, epic sagas, paens, poetic waxings and/or love letters to Eighth Day Books.

Everyone who has crossed paths with Eighth Day—whether in Wichita, on the road, or in virtual fashion via the internet or telephone—is invited to contribute. We want to hear from brand-new customers, veteran shoppers, famous and not-so-famous authors, bloggers, former employees, sales reps, classmates and long-lost cousins of our esteemed founder.

We’ll publish our favorite submissions in an illustrated paperback that’s scheduled to hit our shelves in mid-October. Please help us accomplish this labor of love by adhering to these guidelines:

750 words or less. Submissions may be abridged and/or edited for publication.

Include name, address, e-mail and telephone for the author (and co-author, if there is one); no group or anonymous submissions.

Please submit via e-mail, preferably as an attachment in MS Word, to using the subject line “Anniversary Submission.”

Photographs and original artwork depicting themes related to Eighth Day Books will also be considered for inclusion; please submit in jpg format (300 dpi preferred).

Excerpts from your submission may appear in our blog and/or Facebook page.

Deadline for all submissions: June 1, 2013.

Please direct all questions and inquiries to Victoria or Alanna (800-841-2541). Many thanks!

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