Saturday, April 20, 2013


From Jim Lehrer's publisher, Random House, about Tension City:

"A veteran newsman who has presided over eleven presidential and vice-presidential debates, Jim Lehrer gives readers a ringside seat for some of the epic political battles of our time, shedding light on all of the critical turning points and rhetorical faux pas that helped determine the outcome of America’s presidential elections. Drawing on his own experiences as “the man in the middle seat,” in-depth interviews with the candidates and his fellow moderators, and transcripts of key exchanges, Lehrer illuminates what he calls the “Major Moments” and “killer questions” that defined the debates, from Kennedy-Nixon to Obama-McCain. In this paperback edition, he also offers his expert analysis of the 2012 Republican primary debates."

A native of Kansas, Lehrer will be at the Plaza Branch of the Kansas City, MO, Public Library, 4801 Main Street, at 6 pm on Monday, April 22. RSVP at

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